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Velvet Ikat Square Cushion




Bakhma – of silk and cotton decorated with geometric patterns in lustrous colors is yet another variant of Uzbek’s fabric-making skill. As with Ikat, the patterns and colors are infinite. These fabrics add opulence to your cushions with their Bakhma backings and their similarly toned Ikat fronts.




Iconic among the Central-Asian weaving cultures, the Ikat fabrics we use consist exclusively of silk and cotton from Uzbekistan - a major gateway on the silk route at the very heart of Central Asia.


The mixture of silk and cotton lends a light shimmer to the cushions. The weaving process is long and complex, requiring considerable expertise of both dyers and weavers in ensuring the perfection of the final material. Traditionally, Uzbek patterns are highly colored and geometrical, sometimes slightly hazy – a result of the shifting of the dyed threads. The color schemes and motifs are infinite, and we renew our collection entirely every year.


* Alternatively to this product's size, we are able to make bespoke articles in any shape or size you would like.

** You can match any two cover of your choosing. Just send us an e-mail including the product codes you would like to match and we will make it happen for you! 

*** Prices and production time will be told after your request.

Velvet - Ikat Rectangular Cushion

SKU: IKW-BLW-4060-1046
    • Handmade
    • %100 Organic fabric made with cotton and silk
    • %100 Organic dyes made with natural elements
    • Size: 40 x 60 cm. (Dimensions may differ by 1-2 cm because of the handmade weaving and tailoring)
    • Front cover: Velvet
    • Back cover: Ikat
    • Filling: %95 Goose feather - %5 Down feather 
    • Care: Dry clean only!
  • Product returns will only be accepted if wrong item or wrong sizes are sent.

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