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Antiquity inspired our first collection of glasses – adorned with glass beads added one at a time, each article is blown and fashioned individually. The baroque aspect is counterbalanced by the lightness of the glass when it is held.


Each glass is subtly different from every other. They can go into the dishwasher.


The capacity of the carafe is approximately 15cc


You can mix and match colors. Please use the box on the right side to send us your desired colors or just simply send us an e-mail for special orders.


* Since every each one of the glasses are handmade; sizes, bubbles, mouth diameters and shapes may slightly differ according to the information above.

Kalkan Sake Bottle

    • Borosilicate
    • Blowglass
    • Colored Glass
    • 15cc (approx)
    • Durable
    • Machine Wash
    • Ultra Light
    • Easy Grip
    • Product returns will only be accepted if wrong item or wrong sizes are sent.

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